“Stayers or Quitters?” That’s none of your concern, asshole.

You know what Singapore really needs? A complete overhaul in the education system! Stupid system has to stop trying to fit squares inside a circle and expect a perfect fit! Stop importing talent when your talent is already here in the form of children and young adults, thirsty for knowledge but unable to pursue their areas of interest and passion because there is absolutely no room to pursue anything if you don’t ace your Maths or Science subjects.

Naturally when you don’t give this group of people an opportunity, there will be bitterness and resentment, followed by the desire to immigrate to a place where their skills and talents could be put to good use; when corporations cannot get the talent that they need, they have to start looking elsewhere; and so, it becomes a vicious cycle.

Look at all the people whom you label as ‘low-skilled’ labour, doing ‘menial’ work. Have you ever thought what would it have been like, if these people were groomed from the start to excel in their areas of interest? That tattooed gangster who fared badly at Math but loved to draw and paint could have been heading his own creative agency now. That girl who loves to debate about current affairs but has very little education and works as a shop assistant could have been a famous lawyer now.

Haven’t you heard some parents and grandparents say that if they had been given the opportunity, they would have definitely studied more?

And here we are, young Singaporeans with a thirst for knowledge and burning desire to pursue our passion, and yet, we are held back from applying to our favourite courses in Poly and Uni BECAUSE SOMEONE DECIDED THAT IF YOU DON’T PASS MATHS, YOU CANNOT ENTER THE INSTITUTION BECAUSE GRADES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAT PASSION!

And then some people accuse us of being quitters when we decide to leave, just because other places value our talent and take us in when our own country couldn’t give a shit.



RIP Mrs Gill

I just found out this morning that one of the two History teachers who coached us intensively for the much dreaded GCE ‘O’ levels has lost the battle to cancer and gone to somewhere more quiet and peaceful.


Dear Mrs Gill,

Even though I hated you so much for making us stay back after school to read texts and write South East Asian History notes, I admire your fierce dedication in wanting only the best for your students, going out of your way to conduct lessons after school and making sure we remembered the numerous facts so that we could ace our History paper.

And ace we did.

And now, just 10 years later, we have lost you, a great teacher.

You will always be remembered in our hearts.

Rest In Peace, Mrs Gill.

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The Happier Side of Beer

Sure, beer makes people do nasty and socially unacceptable things like having a good laugh with friends, passing out on the road and becoming extremely talkative and friendly to random strangers, but hey, who knew beer could make Indian people so good looking?


“Yaaay! Drink me! Drink me, Indians!”

Some fun facts!

1) I don’t know who invented beer

2) I had a taste of beer when I was four. My dad let me take a sip, and I found it extremely disgusting and swore never to touch that thing again. But look what happened.

3) Myth: Indian people beat up people when they are drunk. Truth: We don’t need to be drunk to beat up people.

4) While the rest of the world turns red from drinking beer (or any alcohol for that matter), Indians don’t turn red!

5) They turn into something more incredible, and that’s called the 50 shades of beautiful! Don’t believe me? Just see for yourself!

Prema Before

Here’s my friend Prema when she is babysitting the two monsters that she calls her children.

Prema After

And here’s the same Prema when she’s had a few!

And here’s me when I’ve had no drinks:

Before Drinks 01

Honestly I don’t know what I was doing. And water doesn’t work the same magic as beer does.

But here’s me when I’ve had a few drinks! (warning: images may be graphic and therefore, not suitable for children!)

After Drinks 02

Even when I was pissed drunk and puking, I looked amazing!

After Drinks 03

The only hint of me being drunk in this picture are my eyes’ inability to focus on the damn camera!

After Drinks 05

When everyone was drunk and turning red, I was, well, just being a happy fucker!

After Drinks 01

Girls just wanna kiss me! Okay kidding, those two were my ex colleagues. I don’t think they wanted to kiss me, though they must have very badly wanted to take this picture. ;)

After Drinks 06

And here’s me on the train, going back home, looking happy and gorgeous. Nobody would have suspected that I was drunk!

So is that enough evidence or what, that you gotta take your beers more seriously? Results not guaranteed though! ;)

And if you have pictures of friends who look extremely different when they are sober and drunk (ugly to beautiful, beautiful to ugly, or just them passed out) please feel free to share with me!

Adios and keep clinking them glasses! *cheers*

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Back to reality

I am back from a hiatus!

During this break of a month, I did a lot of soul searching, mentally prepared myself for life’s unpredictable journey, bought several books at the airport bookstore to keep up with my reading list for the year (target: 24 books), breathed in a lot of fresh air and more importantly…

…I started writing! I am working on two stories at the moment; one is a short story and the other, well, I don’t know! But I keep writing as much as I can for the latter.

Guilty as I am, I really ought to focus on my writing 100%; I have the attention span of a goldfish, but I am slowly, slowly changing that. I hope.

On the other hand, life has generally been good.

Today I made this for breakfast:

Broccoli & Tempeh

Crispy stir fried tempeh and broccoli! As it turns out, this is probably the healthiest breakfast I’ve had in a long time because,

1) Tempeh is high in protein, and

2) Broccoli is RIDICULOUSLY high in Vitamin C!

All I had to do was to stir fry the tempeh pieces in about 3 tablespoons of olive oil, a heaping teaspoon of cumin powder, a teaspoon of pepper, and a generous pinch of salt. Once they turned brown and crispy, I added in my chopped broccoli, gave it a quick mix and left it covered for about 5 minutes to let the broccoli get cooked through, and tadaaa! Breakfast was ready!

Watch this space for more updates coming soon, and till then, adios! :)