Batam 2015

I know I have been missing in action way too long. My apologies! :D

Good Friday meant that we had a long weekend, so my good friend and I found ourselves in Batam.

We reached Batam really early in the morning, and since neither of us had breakfast, we settled for a delicious meal of Nasi Ayam Penyet.

Batam Ayam Penyet

I loved the chilli sauce the most; homemade, and slightly fermented. Perfect accompaniment for the chicken and rice.

Harris Batam Centre

Harris Hotel at Batam Centre.

Red Chillis

Green Chillis

Coffee and Donut

A couple of hipster pictures that I took with my phone. Thank god for photo editing software that you can download to edit amazing pictures! Otherwise, I am a shitty photographer. :P

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I am so tired I can’t sleep.

I am so tired that I can’t sleep, so here am I.

My friends and I were supposed to head across the causeway for a year-end retreat, and were really looking forward to it, but we had to cancel it at the last minute because of the flood situation there.

We were all pretty bummed about it, but quick-thinking Joan drummed up other plans, and that was how the few four of us ended up staying at W Hotel at Sentosa.

Since we didn’t have a gift exchange session for Christmas like we usually did in past years, we decided to have it at the hotel as a way of welcoming the new year.

These were the conditions for the gift exchange:

1) It has to be handmade

2) It has to come with a handwritten note of at least 100 words

The rules were not written in stone of course, and we ended up getting some really surprising gifts. More on that later.

So we checked in on New Year’s Eve, and of course, everyone was in a celebratory mood.

Here are some pictures that I had to edit to death because the Singaporean weather was having its mood swings as usual:

Sentosa W Hotel 01

This is the lobby of the hotel.

Sentosa W Hotel 02

View of the pool from the hotel’s lobby. This is really one of the nicest pools I’ve seen in a hotel. Apart from being big and spacious, it had floating bean bags in it! The water was also not heavily chlorinated, so we could swim quite comfortably without melting our eyes.

Sentosa W Hotel 03

View of Sentosa Cove from the room.

Sentosa W Hotel 04

Here comes the fun part: the gift exchange! I baked a glass jar full of brownies for everyone, and we each got back really cool stuff (chocolate flavoured popcorns, a sunflower potting kit as a joke, among other things). The best among them all were our handwritten notes to each other. I wrote mine simply on pink slips of paper, but a lot of sincere thought went into them. :)

After a good swim in the evening, we returned to our room to wash up, and headed to Vivocity on the mainland for a Hotpot dinner. We rushed back right after dinner to just slack and chill by the pool side, before we headed back to our rooms to countdown to the new year, and popped some champagne at the stroke of midnight. The rest of the night was spent watching a Bigbang Concert on TV (they had come to Singapore to perform at the New Year’s Countdown event).

It was during this time that I excused myself to the loo, and when I came back outside, this happened:

Sentosa W Hotel 05

A surprise birthday celebration for me! Well my birthday is still a few days away, but this was an advanced birthday celebration for me. Still feeling very touched by this impromptu celebration, so let me take a moment to touch my heart.

Ok done.

We turned in at 2am, and only woke up at 10am the following morning, and spent an entire morning making fun of Ama’s snoring and weird moaning sounds she made during the night.

After the usual morning business, we headed down to the pool, and stayed past check-out. Ama decided to chill by the pool, while the rest of us were having a jolly good time swimming and grabbing ourselves a floating bean bag so that we could lie on them while floating about the pool.

Sentosa W Hotel 06

W Hotel’s pool, taken while I was taking a short break from swimming.

All the swimming has made my body ache all over, and even though I wanna sleep it off so badly, I can’t, and now, I am wide awake. Nonetheless, it was a good way to begin the new year, by doing some healthy activity, very unlike me, but we all have to start somewhere. I hope to make mine a habit, no promises of course.

This year, I’ve decided to forgo resolutions, because really, I never follow them. I can’t even be bothered to revisit last year’s resolutions, and I don’t feel a wee bit bad about it. 2014 pretty much sucked anyway.

This year, I wish happiness and success for everyone. Keep eating and do everything that makes you happy!

Happy New Year everyone! :)

Obligatory Christmas Selfie

Merry Christmas!

Can’t really call this a selfie because Prema helped me to take this, but I think it’s hilarious! I ought to post more funny pictures of myself, don’t I?

Well here’s another one:

Nathan wearing a pink wig

Taken at a friend’s wedding, by the bestie. I always thought that it was just me who liked doing silly things, but it turns out that silliness runs in the family:

Mother wearing a blonde wig

Here’s mother being goofy when she was on holiday in Barcelona! So… I got it from my Mama!



And this was how our Christmas eve went. Bestie and I went for a few rounds at Starker at Hillview Mall. We had this Dunkel beer which was smooth, fruity, refreshing and had a hint of some spice which I couldn’t quite put my finger on. A very nice place to chill too, if you have an afternoon off.

Adios and Merry Christmas everyone!

Perspectives 01


This conversation I had with my bestie puts a lot of things in perspective.

1) No matter how hard you think your life is at the moment, nothing compares to the horror of being in a relationship which drains you out mentally.

2) Think about the worst situations you have been through (for eg. forgetting to submit payment orders, caught cheating, being penniless to the point you have to beg and borrow from someone), and then compare it with the situation you’re in. Which is worst?

Every time I go through a difficult phase, I recall the time I was in this relationship (and very unfortunately, my first one too) and instantly feel better. It was the worst relationship and worst point of time in my life (getting emotionally blackmailed is really not fun), and ending it was the most nightmarish thing I’ve done to date. Not only was I threatened with suicide, but the creep refused to just fucking let me go.

Alas, it was all over 6 years ago, and it was the best life decision I’ve made so far; it’s better to be single than to be stuck in a sucky relationship.

So take your time and choose your partners wisely! :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

At the point of time when I am writing this, Christmas is just five days away, and while mother and I do not celebrate it, some of our relatives and friends do, plus all the Christmas decorations and music coming from everywhere, it sure feels a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Despite the cold, rainy weather, our moods are up and I’m full of anticipation for 2015, which is less than two weeks away!

West Coast Park

Taken at West Coast Park on a sunny day; the flowers were all in full bloom!

Korean Kimchi

Dinner date with Joan, because she likes Korean food. She knows all the names of Korean dishes; I suspect that she hides Korean guys under bed at home.

My friends and I are also scheduled for a year end trip; our first new year’s getaway! I reckon it’s going to be lots of fun, and the monsoon season has not done a thing to dampen our moods. In fact, we are looking forward to it, especially since we have not done a new year’s getaway ever (a few of them have, but never as a whole group).

Let the countdown begin! :)