A Saturday well spent

A year ago, Big G and I embarked on an adventure which became, as cliche as it sounds, a journey of self discovery, and was also the start of a good friendship. 02 December was the anniversary, thus I wished her, and we arranged to meet for a good beer and makan* session.

We met on Saturday and basically, this is what happened.

Brotzeit @ Westgate 01

German White Beer (I think) with mango juice. It was as yummy as it sounds!

Brotzeit @ Westgate 02

Brotzeit @ Westgate 03

Spinach Pizza! Mozzarella, Feta and Spinach on a thin rye base. Very delicious!

Evidently, it was my first time visiting Brotzeit, and it was indeed a good experience and the food and ambience was pretty good.

Big G and I spent a few hours catching up and chit chatting (gossipping, really) before we decided that we needed more food, something more local.

And that was how we ended up at Adam Road Food Centre to satisfy our satay cravings!

Chicken Satay @ Adam Road Food Centre

Beef Satay @ Adam Road Food Centre

Chicken & Beef Satay cravings satisfied!

We also ordered Fried Oyster Egg, but unfortunately, we were too caught up in a banter to take a decent picture of it.

We were too full from all that food, and had to take a little stroll before we headed back home.

Now my waist is crying for a workout, and its wails are getting louder as I choose to ignore them. ;)

*makan: to eat, but also locally used to describe an eating session (breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, tea, etc), usually with friends.

Paper Thosai @ Madras New Woodlands, Singapore

Paper Thosai

I have to admit that this was a leeeeetle tricky to eat because it’s made really thin to the point where it disintegrates into a thousand small pieces when you poke with your finger, but well worth the effort when you get your cravings satisfied; in this case, my craving for a traditional thosai set! Also, the coconut chutney was fresh and tasted of coconut milk; yummy or what!

Opposite mine, a Ghee thosai for Big G!

Chef John’s Singapore Chilli Crab Recipe!

The Chef with a sexy voice featured this Singaporean dish on Food Wishes!


Mother makes an Indian-Singaporean version which is hotter and has a more Masala like consistency because of the liberal use of spices in hers; in fact, every Singaporean family has their own traditional Chilli Crab recipe!

Exercise is important

Exercise is important and this is how my good friend and I keep each other motivated to workout and maintain our weight.


How do you and your friends keep each other motivated to exercise and keep fit?

Andhra Chicken Curry

This was my first (and definitely not the last!) attempt at making Chicken Curry. Chicken Curry for me is the cure to everything, be it a heartache, headache or depression; seriously nothing beats a good Indian Chicken Curry.

Mother was out of town when I wanted to make this, hence I had to do my own research for a good recipe, and that’s how I ended up finding this gem of a recipe from Sailu’s Kitchen.

Not the best of pictures, but achievements are meant to be shared! ;)


It really makes your life easier to just measure and lay out all the ingredients before you start cooking. A short 15 minutes prep work is all it takes to ensure that you don’t collapse and die of a heart attack when you cannot find the right ingredient. (15 mins = measuring, grinding, laying out, mixing of the ingredients, chopping of onions, sorting out stuff, etc.)

Andhra Chicken Curry 01

The only thing I did different from the original recipe was that I added in some freshly ground pepper, some cloves and a stick of cinnamon at the starting point when I had to fry the onions. Everything else was kept the same as the original recipe posted on Sailu’s Kitchen.

The end result was of course, the perfect Chicken Curry! I dare say that my Chicken Curry was on par with Mother’s! :D