Chef John’s Singapore Chilli Crab Recipe!

The Chef with a sexy voice featured this Singaporean dish on Food Wishes!


Mother makes an Indian-Singaporean version which is hotter and has a more Masala like consistency because of the liberal use of spices in hers; in fact, every Singaporean family has their own traditional Chilli Crab recipe!

Exercise is important

Exercise is important and this is how my good friend and I keep each other motivated to workout and maintain our weight.


How do you and your friends keep each other motivated to exercise and keep fit?

Andhra Chicken Curry

This was my first (and definitely not the last!) attempt at making Chicken Curry. Chicken Curry for me is the cure to everything, be it a heartache, headache or depression; seriously nothing beats a good Indian Chicken Curry.

Mother was out of town when I wanted to make this, hence I had to do my own research for a good recipe, and that’s how I ended up finding this gem of a recipe from Sailu’s Kitchen.

Not the best of pictures, but achievements are meant to be shared! ;)


It really makes your life easier to just measure and lay out all the ingredients before you start cooking. A short 15 minutes prep work is all it takes to ensure that you don’t collapse and die of a heart attack when you cannot find the right ingredient. (15 mins = measuring, grinding, laying out, mixing of the ingredients, chopping of onions, sorting out stuff, etc.)

Andhra Chicken Curry 01

The only thing I did different from the original recipe was that I added in some freshly ground pepper, some cloves and a stick of cinnamon at the starting point when I had to fry the onions. Everything else was kept the same as the original recipe posted on Sailu’s Kitchen.

The end result was of course, the perfect Chicken Curry! I dare say that my Chicken Curry was on par with Mother’s! :D

Hyatt Regency, Kuantan

What happens when you give two guys a car and a free weekend?

They end up doing a road trip of course! :D

My cousin Sam bought his first car, and we decided to put it to the test.. Little did we expect to end up in the most random of places!

Our first stop was at Sam’s sister’s place at Tangkak, a small, sleepy town further up north in Johor. We drove up on Friday night; there wasn’t much to see except for this beautiful view just outside my cousin’s place the next morning:

01 Gunung Ledang

That little mountain you see there? That’s Gunung Ledang, also known as Mount Ophir, a place that has historical significance in the local Malay folklore.

From my cousin’s place, Sam and I drove up to Kajang to settle some stuff, and then up to KL.

02 Drive

Road trip is now happening!

We had already earlier discussed about driving around, but we underestimated the long distances of driving from one city to another; even on the highway, it took us several hours to get to Kuantan. Luckily we were mentally prepared for the long drive, and we chit chatted while taking in the scenery along the way. When crossing over from KL to Pahang, we happened to pass by a hilly/mountainous area and our ears got blocked because of the high altitude!

03 Drive

Ugly picture alert: My cousin, my double chin and myself.

Three hours later, we reached Kuantan, and checked into the Hyatt Regency, one of the most beautiful hotels on the East Coast of Malaysia. Kuantan also happens to be our parents’ (Sam’s dad and my mum are siblings) hometown, and we still have quite a number of relatives living there, though most of them have moved to either KL or Johor.

04 Hyatt Kuantan

This is the view from our Seaview Twin; that’s the South China Sea right there, with no ships or ugly things in sight! Such a flawless view; I can sit at the balcony and daydream the day away.

05 Hyatt Kuantan

And another shot.

06 Hyatt Kuantan

Aaand another shot. This trip was to celebrate Sam’s first car purchase. And his birthday, which at that time, was just around the corner. My treat of course. ;)

07 Hyatt Kuantan

09 Hyatt Kuantan

10 Hyatt Kuantan

Some random snaps of our room.

15 Hyatt Kuantan

Hyatt by evening.

There wasn’t much to do except to swim and soak in the pool. I wasn’t too crazy about swimming in the sea though, because there was a kind of smell coming from the water.. ughh… The beach was clean though, and my cousin happily took a dip while I ran away in horror from the smell. Yikes!

After our swimming and sauna session, we took a quick drive to town to settle late lunch/early dinner, and bought back some drinks. Both of us were extremely tired, so we decided to take a nap for the rest of the evening. We only woke up close to 11pm, and decided to take a walk around Teluk Cempedak, which is where the hotel and the beach is located.

17 Hyatt Kuantan

We walked out to a secluded beach and were surprised to find so many people gathered there; they were either chilling with their family and friends, or, they were having a bonfire and a barbeque, like in the picture above.

18 Hyatt Kuantan

19 Hyatt Kuantan

20 Hyatt Kuantan

Some night shots.

We had a few beers and turned in pretty late, and woke up close to afternoon the following day, just in time to check out of the hotel.

21 Hyatt Kuantan

That’s all the alcohol we had the night before.

22 Hyatt Kuantan

25 Hyatt Kuantan

 Time to check out! :(

It was a pretty pleasant stay at Hyatt, and Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Needless to say, the service by the staff of the hotel was very impeccable and impressive.

Hyatt Regency in Kuantan has been receiving bad reviews for the past few years because of the ageing infrastructure and so on, but if you look past all that, service standards are really beyond expectation and top notch. Our room was spotless too; I remember on our first day, after we had showered and were going to head out, I had called the reception to tell them that our bathroom floor was wet and needed to be mopped up, but instead, we came back to a nice, spic and span bathroom and everything was back in its place; even the tub had been cleaned up for us! Now THAT’S service that needs an applause!

And you have a very good reason to trust my review because it is not a sponsored one. :)


After checking out, we headed to the town for lunch, before driving back to Johor.

26 Drive

My cousin just goofing around.

27 Drive

Chendol, my favourite Malaysian drink! A heavenly concoction of Palm Sugar Syrup, coconut milk and yummy, jelly things. Even typing out the ingredients makes me salivate. This one is an ice-blended version, a modern twist to an old tradition.

28 Drive

29 Drive

Our lunch from Papparich, which was quite good. I had the Nasi Lemak set at the bottom. The lady’s finger was totally random and I think it was trying to sneak out from the kitchen so that it won’t get butchered.

After lunch, we took the Kuala Rompin – Mersing route while driving back and decided to explore some of the deserted beaches along the way; this stretch of road has many beaches and beautiful landscapes, some of them perfect for a pre-wedding photoshoot, if you have the time to drive up that is!

30 Drive

31 Drive

Very pretty beaches; pity that there was litter everywhere. Why can’t people clean up after themselves?

32 Drive

It was a cloudy day.

35 Drive

A stretch of empty beach. If only I lived here.. Sigh!

Our road trip ended when we reached Johor once more. We had a simple tea time with another one of our cousins, then it was back to Singapore for me. Fortunately for me, my adventure didn’t end there because the very next day, I was flying off on another holiday trip! ;)

(Note: All the pictures were taken using my Asus Zenfone 6, as my mum had borrowed my camera for her holiday trip.)

Perhaps I’ve chosen the right course…

or perhaps I haven’t. But Organisational Psychology is proving to be really interesting, and I’ve learnt a lot more about the way people function and in a way, I’ve found the answers to some of my own behaviour as well.

Just 10 years ago, I was sitting for my GCE ‘O’ levels, and at that time, I had resolved to do a Mass Communications course, which I eventually did. But for reasons unknown, my career in the media field was short-lived and never took off, and somehow I ended up doing Human Resource work, which I actually enjoyed more than I thought I would.

So 10 years later, here I am starting all over again; chasing a diploma in Org. Psychology and working my way towards the much coveted BA in Human Resources & Org. Psychology. I am neither a smart nor studious person, and in all honesty, I hate that I have to study again and start from scratch, but it’s proving to be a learning experience and I am contradicting myself by saying that I’m actually loving it as much as I hate it. LOL!

I am also thankful for all the support from my Mother and my friends; one close friend even suggested that I continue straight on to a Masters after completing my bachelors, but that’s still quite a far way; I’d like to complete this phase first before I consider anything else.

And thank you Mother, for putting your faith in me, even though it’s a totally different path from the previous one that I undertook.

It seems like I just started my course but I’ve already completed two modules, and currently in my third module! Time does fly when you don’t think so much about it and just focus on what you are after.

So there, that’s an advice right there! :)