Mother, on one of her ‘good mood’ days, told me this:

Prayer is like a seed. You must water it and tend to it for it to grow into a plant, and then a tree, before it bears flowers, and finally, fruits. Likewise, you cannot pray to God and expect him to answer your prayers right away. Pray to him every day, but at the same time, work towards your goals. God will answer your prayers one day.

Such words of wisdom from my mother! :)

Daorae: A Korean dining experience

This gem of a restaurant is located at Bukit Indah (directly opposite Jusco Bukit Indah) and you cannot miss it if you are dropping off at the bus stop outside the Jusco Shopping Mall.

The owner is a Korean man, so I suppose this is as close as you can get to an authentic Korean dining experience.

Daorae 05

Daorae 04

Daorae 06

Daorae 07

Daorae 02

Daorae 03

Daorae 08

Daorae 01

Look at the assortment of Kimchi! Complimentary of course!

I had a kind of Ramen noodle soup, which wasn’t fantastic, so I didn’t take any pictures of that.

Daoroe 10

The obligatory Korean Pancake! It’s good on its own or dipped in the pancake sauce!

Daorae 09

 Roasted Pork Belly and Oyster Kimchi wraps! This was really good that Joan and I could not keep our hands to ourselves! ;)


A complete Korean dining experience!

Of course, Joan and I left feeling very full and satisfied. Prices are pretty okay too; this meal, including the Ramen that we each had, cost us about RM150, which is roughly SGD$30, and that’s pretty cheap for the amount of food we ordered.

For more info on Daorae at Bukit Indah, check out this link.


(Note: This is neither a paid nor a sponsored review. Joan and I really enjoyed the dining experience and the food here!)

My friends want me to be a ‘blogger’

…who is famous and earns a lot of money.

I told them that No.1, I am not a blogger; I write and share stuff on my blog, and No.2, I am not a Chinese girl, because only Chinese girls go around calling themselves bloggers (Have you actually come across Malays or Indians who call themselves a blogger? I bet not!). These ‘BLOGGERS’ also have no sense of grammar or whatsoever so reading their blogs can give others a headache, unless of course you belong to the same breed as the ‘blogger’.

No.3, I keep this blog because it’s a hobby I enjoy keeping; pretty much how people spend time reading or playing soccer or solving a rubik’s cube in their spare time.

GRACE HO, this is what differentiates me from the other ‘bloggers’ you were talking about!