Miam Miam @ Westgate

When dinner is this good…

Miam Miam - Squid Ink Pasta 01

Miam Miam - Squid Ink Pasta 02

You are speechless. Staring at your food in pure, childlike amazement, you pick up your fork, ready to twirl pasta laced with squid ink; and then you remember that you have a camera, and decide to immortalize the moment with a few snaps…

You lick your lips with satisfaction, and your friends tell you that your mouth is covered in squid ink. You wipe it off, feeling a bit disappointed that every strand of pasta has been greedily slurped up; but your disappointment is short-lived, for this appears:

Miam Miam - Valrhona Chocolate Souffle 02

..and nothing else seems to matter anymore as you spoon soft, cloud-like lumps of chocolate souffle goodness into your wet, salivating mouth…

Children’s Essence.

It was a ridiculously hot Saturday afternoon, and as I sat at home sweating buckets, Joan texted us asking if we would like to go for a swim.

Our other very enthusiastic friends decided to pass, so it was just me and her; I absolutely hate going to the pool on weekends because it’s filled with children of all kinds, and as you know, children love to pee in the pool, so basically, it’s like swimming in the essence of children.

I know it’s disgusting but that’s what a swimming pool is during the weekends: filled with the pee and filth of children (children aren’t exactly the cleanest things on earth).

Then why did I go? Because I was bored and hot, dammit! I thought I could cool down in the pool at least, but fml, the pool was as warm as soup from all the children peeing in it in unison.

Anyway, after we were done soaking in children’s essence, we decided to go for dinner. I could go on and on about dinner, but no, not here.

Children’s essence.



I know you are grossed out by the thought of children peeing in unison, so here’s a picture of Bi Rain to make you feel better:


Sakunthala’s @ Dunlop Street

I guess the good thing about living in a small city state is that it does not take very long to get to good eating places; almost every eatery/restaurant is a short (by short, I mean a minimum of 40 minutes) bus or train ride away!

Both Ama and I had a craving for briyani, so I suggested Sakunthala’s for its delicious Masala Chicken Briyani.

Sakunthala’s also has some unique stuff like Quail Briyani and Mutton Tripe Briyani, both of which, unfortunately, I have yet to try. :|

Sakunthala’s Restaurant is quite well known among the Indian community here, quite evident by the largely Indian patronage at anytime of the day.

Unlike its counterparts, Sakunthala’s Masala Chicken is on the milder side of the scoville scale, but this coming from me, precaution should be taken if you ever decide to give it a go. LOL.

Masala Chicken Briyani 01

After a short wait, our briyani is here! Ama opted for the Tandoori Chicken Briyani, and we ordered Fish Tandoori and Potato Masala to share among us (I didn’t take either because it was part of my plan to make her fatter.. muahaha!)

Masala Chicken Briyani 02

 Yummy and fragrant briyani rice! As far as briyani is concerned, Sakunthala’s is one of the few places  that has been getting it right all along.

On that note, there’s something I need to clarify and that is this:


I appreciate that Singaporeans are open about trying different cuisines, but if you are going to blog about it or facebook it, please at least check your facts.

Cooking good briyani involves a lot of steps, spices and adequate cooking time (not too long nor too short), and to merely shrug it off as INDIAN FRIED RICE is rather insulting to the very people who put in so much effort into serving up a good briyani.

 Masala Chicken Briyani 03

Here’s a plate of Masala Chicken goodness! Chicken that has been cooked in masala for so long that the meat just comes off the bones effortlessly.

So if are ever unsure of which place to go for good briyani (or basically just Indian food), don’t think further! Just head to Sakunthala’s and you’ll be thanking me later. ;)

Sunrise @ Sunrise Beach

In January, I went on a week long trip to nowhere, and ended up on one of the most beautiful (and not so commercialized) places on earth. It was the best decision I made this year, and I am glad I did, because in return, I had the honour of setting foot on this paradise of an island called Koh Lipe (also spelled Ko Lipe).

On one of the mornings, I purposely woke up early to experience a spectacular sight, which is sunrise on the aptly named Sunrise Beach, and with only a dog for company (who was far too engrossed digging in the sand than to pay any heed to me).

Was it a life changing experience? I don’t know. But it was an experience I’ve never encountered anywhere else.


Sunrise Beach. I’ve sold my soul to you, mon amour.